Nevada Carpenter Gothics

Mission Statement

I recently discovered the statement "there are no Carpenter Gothic structures in the desert state of Nevada" in Wikipedia's entry for Carpenter Gothic. With that statement being very false, I instantly corrected it, and the idea was born that we needed to offer a website that educated people on the rich history of Nevada that included many, many Carpenter Gothic structures built primarily from 1860 -1880 that still stand in 2010. The idea was also born to offer visitors to Reno tours of northern Nevada historical Carpenter Gothic country houses or even make Reno a destination for visitors to tour local Carpenter Gothic country houses.

Restoration Project

In addition to offering visitors guided auto tours of northern Nevada historical Carpenter Gothic country houses, we have the opportunity to introduce visitors to Reno's Historic Powning Addition and a current restoration project on a little Carpenter Gothic country house that is one of the oldest houses in Powning's Addition.

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A Sketch Representing the Long Term Goal :: Sketch by Loren Jahn